Worm's Eye View Photography of City Buildings

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Worm's Eye View Photography of City Buildings



Established in 2018, Elvira is a full-service investment and growth firm, offering fundraising and management solutions to local and international businesses.

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Crypto & Blockchain

We specialize in bringing your project to life. From raising funds to negotiating exchange listings, Elvira is here to be your partner.


E-Commerce Companies

We invest and help scale nimble e-commerce brands. These are typically swift exits for smaller amount of capital ranging from 25k to 250k.


Litigation Financing

We finance lawsuits and help strategize the litigation. Whether you are a company or individual with a legal claim, please feel free to reach out.

“This place I am hoping to get to is so marvelous that if I described it to you now you would go crazy with excitement. And then, if we failed to get there (which is very possible), you would die of disappointment.

Beauregard Moody, CEO

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